No one
Anonymous asked:
You say youre a nirvana fan? You cant even spell kurt cobain right please stop being a stupid fucking poser

ahaha, i do know how to spell but if you’re referring to the tag “Kurdt Kobain” as misspelling please go throw yourself out of a building (:  

"I like sleep because it’s like a temporary death"
my baby
Anonymous asked:
Ok dear, i want to run away, i hate this place. Would you come with me?

That sounds just perfect and like something I really need right now

Anonymous asked:
Yellow and white my love

Yellow: Please kiss me!!
White: Please marry me!

Ok, anon, lets runaway to neverland. Just us two.

Anonymous asked:
Purple and Green

omg, thank you so much, darling

Anonymous asked:

3 - Self harmed? I always thought that physical pain is more bearable than psychological pain…